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The "Managing Boss & Baby" Online Course

We are SO excited to announce our upcoming online course aimed at pregnant women who want to prepare for maternity leave
with ease, calm and confidence.

This is the first in a series of online courses we are launching to the public, following our success of providing similar support to leading employers and their employees.

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We are Thrive....

We are Natalie Wilkins and Deborah Croft - co-founders of Thrive

Natalie Wilkins

My superpowers include edutainment, productivity, navigating change and inspiring others to act

Deborah Croft

My passion to help parents successfully juggle a career and parenthood started 6 years ago! I am a Mum/taxi/teacher/housekeeper to 2 girls and busy fulfilling my professional aspirations and a determination to enjoy my love of the outdoors.

We want to empower 1 million parents...

...including you!

Imagine a workplace where women and men who decide to start a family are supported and genuinely encouraged to grow their career. A home where a mother and father truly believe they can pursue their professional aspirations and enjoy their young family.

How many of these employers and working parents do you know?

We want to empower 1 million parents to thrive in their career and family life by 2020.

We are privileged to work alongside a multinational, energetic and driven team of certified coaches and trainers, who have all found their unique way to successfully juggle parenthood and professional aspirations.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland and through the power of the internet, we share our knowledge and experience with working parents - from the stage of becoming a parent to returning to work - to help them truly thrive in their career and family life.

We also partner with large multi-national employers to improve employee retention, enjoy higher productivity, create happier and more inclusive workplaces which positively impact the bottom line.


Coming Soon

We are in the process of launching the first in a series of online courses designed to help working parents - from the stage of becoming a parent to returning to work - enabling them truly thrive in their career and family life. 

If you are a parent struggling with the guilt and stress of juggling daily family life and career, we are here to help.

Are you working and pregnant?

While our first online course is coming soon, we understand that some of you may not have time to wait!

That's why we want to do everything we can to help you be prepared by giving you immediate access to our FREE mini e-course! 

Are you struggling with anxiety or fear around how your pregnancy is impacting your career? Use the Courage Formula to navigate work with cool, calm and ease during your pregnancy.

"I felt guilty at work when I had to leave the team so that I could be home in time to do bath and bed-time; guilty at home when I couldn’t leave a key meeting and I knew my wife really needed me at home; guilty that I had gained weight and could not allow myself the luxury of playing sports to stay fit …all draining and stressful. Through the coaching, I was able to take a step back, see the big picture and re-assess what I needed to be more productive and proactive in all areas of my life. I now feel I am back in control of my private and professional life!"

Tim Robertson
Manager, Switzerland

"I was a person who no longer felt confident to take any decision and spent her days looking for reasons why not! There were a lot of barriers to break down a lot of convictions to reconsider. Thanks to the coaching, I now not only know that I am strong, but I also know that I have limits and I can allow myself to reach out for help."

Laura Wade
Senior Manager, Switzerland

Stop the GUILT. Start THRIVING.

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